Marietjie Lanser (formerly Hall) was born in Griekwastad, Northern Cape, where she went to school until her parents moved to Middelburg Mpumalanga where she matriculated. She attained a B. Cur (Nursing) degree at the University of Pretoria and started her career as a professional nurse (also registered as a midwife and psychiatric nurse) in 1978. Before moving abroad she acquired diplomas in Nursing Education, Administration, and Public Health and lectured inter alia at the then Western Transvaal College of Nursing in Klerksdorp and the 1 Military College of Nursing in Pretoria.  

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She lived and worked in the Caprivi, Malawi, Bahrain, Canada, France, Indonesia and Thailand from 1984 until 2001 when she returned to South Africa to start her legal career after successfully completing a LLB degree through UNISA in 2000. She completed her articles at Mostert & Bosman and commenced practising at Mostert and Bosman as an attorney after being admitted in February 2003.  In June 2003 she accepted a position at Henry Shields Chiat Inc (later De Vries Shields Chiat Inc aka DSC Attorneys) where she practised until April 2012. Whilst practising at DSC, she established the medical malpractice department of which she was the head (and senior associate of the firm) when she resigned to start her own practice specialising in the field of medical malpractice in April 2012.

Marietjie Lanser Attorneys merged with the firm of KJ Lanser Attorneys and Lanser Liedtke Attorneys in 2014 to establish the firm of Lanser Liedtke and Associates Inc.  (LLA Inc). Marietjie has extensive experience in the field of Personal Injury Law and specifically Medical Malpractice Law.

She was (in addition to many other successful High Court cases) the attorney responsible for three major Appellate Court cases:

Premier of the Western Cape Provincial Government NO v Lakay

Premier of the Western Cape Province and Another v Loots

Premier of the Western Cape Provincial Government NO v Rochelle Madalyn Kiewitz

In all three cases, full bench judgments were given in favour of the parties she represented. Two of these matters involved claims for damages arising from brain injuries suffered due to medical negligence and the third involved a retinopathy of prematurity case (where a premature baby was rendered blind because of the negligence of the medical practitioners that care for him at the time.

With the experience gained in the field of medical negligence/malpractice law and her knowledge of medical terminology, procedures and jargon, Marietjie is fully equipped to handle cases for damages arising from the sub-standard care/treatment received from any medical/paramedical service provider including but not limited to hospitals, doctors, dentists, psychologists, nurses and others.