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We are a boutique law firm specializing primarily in Medical/Clinical Negligence/ Malpractice Law.  What distinguishes us from other law firms offering similar services is that our attorneys have experience in the medical field allowing them an improved understanding and knowledge of the facts of each case, medical terminology and the ability to read and understand the hospital and medical records in order to succinctly brief the requisite experts.  Collectively, our attorneys have in excess of 25 years experience in medical negligence litigation.


Not all damages arising from medical treatment can be attributed to negligence as there are complications that may be inherent to certain procedures i.e. hemorrhage (bleeding) might under certain circumstances be regarded as an inherent complication of surgery, however,  a patient must be warned of the inherent complication prior to the procedure. It is often very difficult to distinguish between damages (adverse outcomes) due to substandard treatment and damages arising from a complication inherent to the procedure. At LLA Inc. we will consider the facts of your potential matter in a free first consultation and, if we are of the opinion that there is merit in the case, we will proceed with the matter on a deferred payment basis (no win, no fee).  


The firm works with a panel of medico legal experts who will supply the necessary medico-legal opinion prior to issuing of summons and use only advocates who are experienced in the field of medical law and dedicated to this branch of the law when litigating. Please see “Medical Negligence” for further information on how the process of obtaining compensation for medical negligence works.